Is water vegan?

And speaking of meat sources:

Here’s one for the philosophers: Is New York’s water kosher? You’d imagine so, but recent tests have discovered that codepods — tiny, half-millimeter-long creatures — are surviving through the city’s filtration process. I just had a glass of water with breakfast, and for all I know I drank a couple of these things.

Are vegans debating this as well?

Full Story: Collision Detection: Just Not Kosher

(via Abstract Dynamics)


  1. betcha Jainists won’t be drinking the water either, if their approach to honey is any judge:

    fwiw: I did meet one girl (full blown animal rights lefty) what said that if it was stolen, it was vegan. (she’d been on the road a long time)

    anyway, only jainist monks must restrict themselves to non-violence, so I suppose ordinary jainists might not be as selective in life/death situations. (because, you know, water filtration is violent action against the bacteria)

  2. That girl sounds like a freegan:

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