Depsychedelicised Wasteland?

Who’s Got the Acid? – These days, almost nobody. By Ryan Grim | Slate | MSN

Evidence of acid’s decline can be found practically everywhere you look: in the number of emergency room mentions of the drug; in an ongoing federal survey of drug use; in a huge drop in federal arrests; and in anecdotal reports from the field that the once ubiquitous psychedelic is exceedingly difficult to score. In major cities and college towns where LSD was once plentiful, it can’t be had at all.

…the decline in LSD use doesn’t look like a demand-side phenomena: The cultural hunger for a substance that lets you hold affordable conversations with God, watch walls melt, breathe colors, and explore your psyche remains unsated.


  1. You need to check out the Jam Band Circuit!

  2. Congratulations, you are Anodyne’s first-ever actual ping back! Since Anodyne itself has been a grey and depsychedelicised wasteland for nearly half a year while I dealt with the repercussions of heaving the huge pile of textures, links, buttons, and spun-late-night screeds of mine from Blogger to Movable Type and learning that no matter how I did it or what I tried, Dreamweaver and MT DO NOT MIX; they mix about as well as LSD and cocaine. Which is to say not bloody well.

    Getting pinged shows you you’re getting read. Getting read makes you plow through the tedium involved with getting over the pain of losing three, four, five great layouts that were impossible to use that I spend aeons doing, then doing as I’ve been doing for 4 or 5 hours: handcoding an MT blog from the ground up and making it a fit shell to hold the Anodyne creature and serve to help me maintain it.

    My thanks from the bottom of my swirly brain on up.

    PS: m, what is Jam Band Circuit, if I might ask?

  3. Hey, my LJ is called Monde’s Memory Holes.

    I can see I’m going to have to find a name that at least two and probably more than that are using for their pages.

    I’ll probably call it “Psychosahedral Vertex”…since my username there is “psychosahedron”.

  4. hey monde –

    that was my first-ever trackback too – one of the reasons I jumped at the chance to guest blog on technoccult was because it gave me a chance to use the trackback feature.

    (& I thought that your newly minted word, ‘depsychedelicised’ deserved immediate attention)

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