Straight to Hell points out that the trailer is online, but not everyone likes K. Reeves as J.C.

(speaking of movie trailers, the one I can’t wait to see is casshern, even though I don’t understand anything they’re talking about in the trailer.)

Discordian Music

this being 5/23 it seemed like a good day to kick back and listen to some discordian music (there’s plenty of catch-all discordian links here if you’ve yet to encounter discordian thought. or not thought. or thought that is both not & not not at the same time.)

So Madghoul’s contributions are in purple. Another friend(Lefty, aka ‘daughter of chaos’)’s comments are in salmon. (This turned out to be a bit more complex than I originally thought and I had to call in back-up)

l: so what is discordian music
l: whats one good example

w: I don’t know – anything that’s pro-discordia – like the KLF or Mr. Bungle
w: eris inspired stuff

l: skinny puppy?
l: atari teenage riot?
l: butthole surfers?

w: yeah they’re all good ones

m:What do think about throwing Skinny Puppy into the mix? They have that hard techo-industrial edge that seems Erisian inspired. I’ll leave that one up to you.

w: I’d say king missle & tism.. crash worship

l: tism for sure
l: what about uuhhh
l: you know who tism sounds like to me is ……
l: dread zepplin

What I found interesting is the first band both M & L thought of: Skinny Puppy.. Cevin Key and Nivek Ogre‘s upcoming album “The Greater Wrong of the Right” has the underground salivating.

KLF is only the tip of a discordian juggernaut that most recently has manifested as Blacksmoke, whose hard industrial sounds are a far cry from classics like “Doctorin’ the Tardis” and “3 A.M. Eternal.” As “The K Foundation” these timelords published The Manual on how to get a number one hit in England, which, although dated, makes for an interesting read. Along with Negativland, they pushed at the edges of copyright law. They also burned a million quid, and filmed it.

Alternating between rock, goth, and semi-industrial, the discordian inspired band Tapping the Vein presents a mythical epic that crawls through the skin in a subtle yet tranquilizing way, before ripping you to a new reality.

Rabbi Haywire plays let’s-have-fun-with-instruments while giving traditional musical conception the middle finger. Once compared to a harder Jack Off Jill, Haywire is more a spawn of the “anti-muzak” tradition of Throbbing Gristle. Her music disorients in a way to destroy your basic knowledge of auditory contentment.

A more refined version of discordian girl style can be found in the music of the Kidney Thieves. Their Zerospace cd was enough to give a friend of mine hallucinations while he was dosing off on our near cross-country trip last year. They recently released a recontruction/deconstruction of their first cd: Trickster.

Jack Off Jill, though now disbanded and often thought of as nothing more than angry chick rock, presented a meddley of Erisian, screw-the-norm, music with their cd Clear Hearts Grey Flowers, turning anger into flippant protestation against hierarchical society and a stagnant reality in true discordian fashion.

Going back a bit now, there’s the very strange sounds of Genesis P-orridge & Psychic TV, the discordian element coming through most clearly in works like “Towards Thee Infinite Beat” or the work he’s done with the industrial-tribal act Pigface. Another seriously tribal experience, certainly the most incredible concert I’ve personally attended, is Crash Worship.

Also check out the discordian hip-hop stylings of Noah 23 and the other releases out of plaguelanguage (and don’t miss the ginsberg sample in his track Magnesium Viper)

(As for me, I intend to spend the day downloading and listening to the 23 tracks of Latent Chaos , unless someone has another musical suggestion..)

Physical Enhancement

“We are our bodies, like it or not… is likely that in a transhuman future the form of the trans- or post-human body will be extremely variable and individual, just as our clothing is today.”

Anders Sandburg’s Physical Enhancement Page


Eugene Mallove, editor of Infinite Energy magazine and the leading advocate of cold fusion research, was murdered Friday, apparently over a rental property dispute. …

He embraced many controversial claims, among them evidence for artifacts on Mars, UFOs, new energy sources, cosmic ether, and refutations of the Big Bang theory. Infinite Energy magazine is one the rare publications to explore such “fringe” topics.

source: Erik Baard

eulogy page


this metafilter post on the coming transit of venus neglects entirely the astrological implications, especially what it might mean for women

Research team finds ‘triggers of life’

AN idea which could turn out to be the biggest breakthrough in genetics in 50 years was announced yesterday by Brisbane and American scientists…

“Essentially what we found was several hundred DNA sequences more than 200 bases long which were exactly the same in humans, mice and rats,” Institute for Molecular Bioscience director John Mattick said yesterday…

Professor Mattick said he believed the RNA made by the sequences were master regulators, switching on or switching off genes which made the proteins comprising most bodies.

Full Story: Brainmeta: DNA instruction manual for building any mammal

*via fark of all places…)

here comes the science.

The official site of Dr. Christopher S. Hyatt Ph.D.

The purpose of this site is to supply information regarding Dr. C.S. Hyatt, his publications, philosophies, & biography, as well as provide a platform for interaction between Dr. Hyatt and people interested in communicating with him.

Reality Cracking reality cracking labs

some gems:

  • Metaphysics & meta-reality-cracking: Disjoint application of beliefs and The Cosmic Pyramid Scheme: Philosophical problems with a popular omni-benevolence paradigm by -Pantheon
  • Consumer self-defense: an anti-advertisement tutorial by +Insiderbetraying
  • Supermarket enslavement techniques, by +ORC
  • I Ching

    sauceruney pointed me towards, a must-see use of flash & the I Ching.

    For I Ching information & divination, I’ve been using the deoxy pages off and on for a while now.

    Colonel Condor

    Behold the world of Colonel Condor, where performance art, psionics, mind-control and all manner of deviancy meet by
    uncle chuckie

    I was going to reference Charles Cosimano in the Tesla post below, having first read about magnetic helmets in his writing, but after actually finding his website, I realized he needed a post all his own.

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