Don’t lie, every self respecting geek at one time or another hoped to be struck by lightening, bitten by a radioactive spider, or have some other freakish random accident transform them into something more then human. In short everybody has wanted at some point or another to be a superhero. Personally I began building a crimefighting suit at age 14. Some of old school punk buddies and I used to refer to these fantasies in their most exggerated form as “the superhero madness” and would judge the fiber of new acquaintences by just how baadluy they were infected with the condition.

Well, a few days ago, this guy I know who frequently practices with num-chucks in his front yard and has gotten quite good with them actually, was approached by a shadowy figure in a local bar. “Are you the guy who is also practicing num-chucks on such-and-such street ?” asks the stranger. My friend replies affirmatively. The stranger proceeds to hand him a business card with this url on it.

“Check it out,” the guy says,”We could use a guy like you.”