A wonderful and indepth interview with Grant Morrison by Jason Louv is up at Disinfo:

I always talk about Aboriginal culture, because that’s a culture that’s been around for forty thousand years. People think they’re primitive, but I don’t believe that any culture that’s been around for forty thousand years is primitive at all. And I spoke to somebody who’s been with the Aborigines and he said this amazing thing to me which I’ve never forgot. He said, “You don’t understand these people, they’ve dispensed with technology.” [Laughs] He said that these are the most sophisticated people on the planet, but unfortunately they’ve come up against a racist government that’s mastered much cruder methods and that’s fucked with them. He said, “What do you think, we’ve gone six thousand years and made all this, what do you think they made and then dismissed?” And I was just like, “Fuck . . .” [Laughs] And they have a totally different thing, their thinking’s like fifth dimensional thinking. And if you talk to an Aboriginal, he’ll go “Yeah, we’ve been to the moon, we fly around up there, we did that ages ago.” So what I mean is that they’re actually working in full-scale technology, but we got more drunk! ‘Cause that’s how we do it, that’s how our culture destroys its insight.