Get Shpongled

Idiot’s Guide to Dreaming — the most “technoccult” mp3 blog out there — has some Shpongle tracks up.

Shpongle is one of my top 5 favorite artists, I can’t guess how many hours I’ve spent laying around listening to these guys. I can’t believe I’ve never mentioned them here before. Their 3rd album is finished and I can’t wait. In the mean time:

Idiots Guide to Dreaming Shpongle mp3s

Shpongle home page

Twisted Records site

Electronic Music Discussion on Slashdot

Nice discussion of electronic music for beginners on slashdot this evening. Mostly about recommendations of artists to check out, but also some suggestions of online resources for finding them. If you dig deep enough you will find my recommendation of Sphongle. The gnomes have found a new way to say Hooray!!

Slashdot: Electronic Music 101.

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