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Nice discussion of electronic music for beginners on slashdot this evening. Mostly about recommendations of artists to check out, but also some suggestions of online resources for finding them. If you dig deep enough you will find my recommendation of Sphongle. The gnomes have found a new way to say Hooray!!

Slashdot: Electronic Music 101.

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  1. I whole-heartily agree with the Shpongle recommendation. They’re WAY off the beaten path. Some similarly interesting music includes Children of the Bong and Digital Mystery Tour .

    Electronic Music Scene is good place to begin understanding different genres of electronic music. They have free downloads and streams along with explanations of how categories — such as drum ‘n bass, tech-step, and big-beat — are differentiated.

    And as mentioned on Slashdot, Soul Seek is an excellent p2p source for electronic music mp3s (Windows and Linux only).

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