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Alejandro Jodorowsky Interviews Marilyn Manson

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J: You, Manson, you are a symbol. You always wear make-up, no-one knows who you are… Christ is a man who became a symbol, you are the opposite. You are a symbol who is in the process of becoming human. When you say ?Eat Me, Drink Me’, you prove your love for the world. You offer yourself… you are food for the vampire cannibals. That’s what I feel. Talking about you personally: you are a mythology, but back to front. Each new era needs new mythologies…

M: I completely agree. You understood that so much better than anyone… yes.

J: To express ourselves as artists in the world, we can no longer destroy it. It is ourselves that we have to destroy.

Full Story: End and End

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Mansinthe: the official Marilyn Manson absinthe

marilyn manson absinthe

Mansinthe (web site in German).

Purchase (Not yet available).

(via Notes from Somewhere Bizarre)

Barely Legal: American Absinthe Passes the Taste Test

The absinthe revival, which has been on the move for more than a decade, just took a leap forward.

For years, American aficionados of the banned beverage that inspired such artists as Vincent Van Gogh and Marilyn Manson, have made do with quasi-legally imported European brands or, worse yet, near-substitutes made without wormwood, the critical ingredient that gives absinthe its distinctive, biting taste.

Full Story: Wired.

Hmmm… I’m not really buying the “low thujone” theory but this article’s worth a read.

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