Alejandro Jodorowsky Interviews Marilyn Manson

jodorowsky marilyn manson

J: You, Manson, you are a symbol. You always wear make-up, no-one knows who you are… Christ is a man who became a symbol, you are the opposite. You are a symbol who is in the process of becoming human. When you say ?Eat Me, Drink Me’, you prove your love for the world. You offer yourself… you are food for the vampire cannibals. That’s what I feel. Talking about you personally: you are a mythology, but back to front. Each new era needs new mythologies…

M: I completely agree. You understood that so much better than anyone… yes.

J: To express ourselves as artists in the world, we can no longer destroy it. It is ourselves that we have to destroy.

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  1. I am not a big Manson fan, though Holywood was a good album in my opinion, but I thought I would check out this article. I have one thought by the end of it: was that really an interview at all? It seemed as if Jodorowsky rambled on and on and Manson gave one sentence answers to very complex questions that were answered within the question by the questioner. Has this Jodorowsky ever interviewed someone before? It was quiet strange as an interview.

    On the other hand, what Jodorowsky had to say was very interesting. I enjoyed reading it not as an interview, which I think one could barely call it in the first place, but as a man giving statements.

  2. Less of an interview then it is a carnival fortune telling. Even the accompanying photo portrays it as such.

    Still, I look forward to future Jodorowsky/Manson collaborations…vampyric Pope rats eating his balls…YES!

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