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Funny AP article on obscure ways of getting high

White said that for years people experimented with “toad licking,” and now toad smoking is considered a substitute. To do so, a person heats up the frog’s venom to break down its toxins and preserve the hallucinogen, which is dried.

Hasn’t this method been around, what, at least 20 years?

In other, more terrifying news:

While smoking toad venom might sound extreme, an even more disturbing method to get high possibly includes sniffing fermented human waste. Vicky Ward, manager of prevention services at Tri-County Mental Health Services in Kansas City, said she has read e-mail warnings about a drug called jenkem.

The drug is made from fermented feces and urine.

Oh no! But wait…

But whether people actually use of jenkem has not been determined, Ward said, noting that a Web site that investigates urban legends isn’t clear on the matter.

Oh. So what was the point of this article again?

Full Story: Physorg.

(via Warren Ellis).

Man arrested for intent to lick toad

A 21-year-old man has been accused of using a toad to get high.

Clay County sheriff’s deputies said David Theiss, of Kansas City, possessed a Colorado River toad with the intention of using it as a hallucinogenic.

Experts said it’s possible to lick the toad’s venom glands to achieve psychedelic effects.


The toad is in custody at a police crime lab.

Full Story: KMBC-TV.

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