Man arrested for intent to lick toad

A 21-year-old man has been accused of using a toad to get high.

Clay County sheriff’s deputies said David Theiss, of Kansas City, possessed a Colorado River toad with the intention of using it as a hallucinogenic.

Experts said it’s possible to lick the toad’s venom glands to achieve psychedelic effects.


The toad is in custody at a police crime lab.

Full Story: KMBC-TV.


  1. “Toad licking” is also known as: “lilly-padding” , “frenching the prince”, and “doing kermit”.

  2. There was an article a while ago about this couple that lived on a farm. They used to let their dog out every night. Then there were many mornings he didn’t return as usual. When he did finally come back, he looked all dazed and out of it. One night the couple decided to follow the dog. They found him with his face in the pond with a toad in his mouth! Guess even dogs like a good trip now and then.

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