Peg Aloi: Cinema and the Occult Revival

“This post brings together a number of areas of interest for me, including the increasing interest in fantasy with the counterculture of the 1960s, the connection between fantasy and Neo-Paganism, and the expression of elements related to Paganism and esotericism in film. We will explore issues related to these facets courtesy of an interview with Peg Aloi. Peg is a Pagan and a scholar who works in both the academic and popular arenas. She is a writer on Paganism and the media for Witchvox, is the co-editor with Hanna E. Johnston of the new volume ‘The New Generation Witches:Teenage Witchcraft in Contemporary Culture (Ashgate, 2007)’, and is currently co-authoring a book with Hannah titled The Celluloid Bough: Cinema in the Wake of the Occult Revival.”

(via TheoFantastique)

Generation Hex available for pre-order

generation hex

Jason Louv’s much anticipated (and hyped) anthology Generation Hex: New Voices from Outside Reality is available for pre-order on Amazon.com.

Update: Generation Hex website is live.

New Disinfo magick book seeks submissions

Jason Louv is editing a new book at Disinfo, and is seeking submissions from magicians under the age of 33:

Think back to whatever it was that set off that first bomb in your head that led you to where you are now. Think of all the nagging questions and doubts you had and the confusion, and the moment when you said ‘It MUST exist’-and recreate that experience. Don’t patronize or talk down, just set an example. Make yourself a larger-than-life personality if you want, make outlandish claims-people love that-but show how you got there and show that it can be done.

Disinfo: Generation Hex: Call For Submissions

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