New Disinfo magick book seeks submissions

Jason Louv is editing a new book at Disinfo, and is seeking submissions from magicians under the age of 33:

Think back to whatever it was that set off that first bomb in your head that led you to where you are now. Think of all the nagging questions and doubts you had and the confusion, and the moment when you said ‘It MUST exist’-and recreate that experience. Don’t patronize or talk down, just set an example. Make yourself a larger-than-life personality if you want, make outlandish claims-people love that-but show how you got there and show that it can be done.

Disinfo: Generation Hex: Call For Submissions


  1. I hate when they put age restrictions in place like that. 33 isn’t an arbitrary number, but I’d say that to exclude those older he is eliminating any reflections on things which happened in that year particularly.

  2. True… but the purpose of this book, Generation Hex, is supposed to be a collaboration of youthful magicians. Disinformation probably isn’t looking for a rehash of Kabbalah or New Age Witchcraft. Instead they’re probably looking for a quasi-techno reinterpretation of magick; a revamp that hasn’t been seen since Chaos magick came into its fullest.

  3. You can still contribute if you’re 33, but not above. And Michael is correct on all points.

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