Grant Morrison
Grant Morrison is a polymath best known for writing comics such as The Invisibles, Doom Patrol, JLA, New X-Men, and Final Crisis. He’s written screenplays, none of which have been produced as of this writing, and video game scenarios. He is also an accomplished playwright, and is a musician and has played with various bands, including The Fauvres.
Morrison is a long practicing chaos magician, and claims to have been abducted by aliens in Kathmandu in 1994.
Morrison is currently writing Happy! for Image Comics, Dinosaurs vs. Aliens for Liquid Comics, and both Action Comics and Batman Incorporated for DC. Starting in 2013 he plans to take a break from monthly super hero comics.
Morrison is reportedly working on a Rogue Trooper film, the screenplay for the film version of Dinosaurs vs. Aliens and a film adaptation of Happy! to be directed by RZA. Other film projects include Sinatoro, a film based on his comic We3 and Area 51. Bonnyroad, the BBC miniseries Morrison was working on with actor Stephen Fry has been pushed back.

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Feud With Alan Moore

  • Lengthy video interview with Moore One of the questions is about his feud with Morrison.
  • Morrison’s response to the Moore video, along with some additional history from Pádraig Ó Méalóid. Includes a transcript of the relevant parts of the above video.
  • Moore’s response in the Last Interview
  • Additional analysis of the feud through a comparison of Moore and Morrison’s early Doctor Who stories
  • Annotations


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    Above: a song by Grant Morrison’s band The Fauves (“Tortured Soul”) synchronized to an episode of the Batman and Superman Cartoon

    Above: Grant Morrison makes a guest appearance in My Chemical Romance’s “Na Na Na” Video
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