Dennis McKenna
Dennis McKenna
Terrence McKenna
Terrence McKenna
Dennis and Terrence McKenna traveled to the Amazon in 1971 in search of indigenous DMT-containing plants such as those that constitute the psychedelic brew ayahuasca. They subsequently wrote the book Invisible Landscape about their experiences. Terrence’s “novelty theory,” explained in the book, lead him to predict a novelty singularity in 2012, possibly kicking off the 2012 phenomena.
Terrence went on to become something of a psychedelic guru and author of several books. A collection of interviews with him was published under the title Archaic Revival. Terrence died in 2000.
Dennis took a more academic route, studying the science of entheogens. He still lectures on the subject today.

Recent News

Dennis has raised money to write a book on he and Terrance’s adventures.

Official Sites

Offical Terrance McKenna page on

Unofficial Sites: Terrance

Terence McKennaLand Lots of stuff, including several of the interviews collected in Archaic Revival.
Erowid Terrance McKenna Vault Another source for much of the same materials.
Wikipedia entry

Unofficial Sites: Dennis

Erowid Dennis McKenna Vault

Lectures by Dennis

Dennis McKenna speaking at Esozone: the Other Tomorrow Oct. 2008
Big torrent collection of Dennis McKenna multimedia

Writings and Talks by Terrence

Raw Archives of Terence McKenna Talks
“I Understand Philip K. Dick” by Terrence McKenna
Whole Earth Review: the alien intelligence of plants a whole issue of Whole Earth Review edited by Terrence McKenna and Howard Rheingold.

Interviews: Terrence

21C Magazine article based on interview from 1996
Mavricks of the Mind interviews Collection of interview with Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, Terrence McKenna, John Lily, Alex Grey and many more.
Trip Receptacle “a series of three 3-hour shows consisting of all-psychedelic, all-entheogen radio.” It includes interviews and talks by Timothy Leary, Terrence McKenna, Sasha Shugin, etc.
Archaic Revival

Interviews: Dennis

Interview with Dennis on a new theory of neural evolution. Part 1 of 8.

Above: Gnostic Media interview with Dennis on “oo-koo-he, ayahuasca, habit and novelty theory, 2012, Terence McKenna, plant communication and the future of psychedelic research.”

Above: Dennis McKenna at the World Psychedelic Forum
Peter Bebergal’s interview with Dennis McKenna 2011
Boing Boing interview with Dennis 2011
In a Perfect World podcast interview with Dennis McKenna audio interview May 2010.
High Times interview with Dennis McKenna from 2007

Writings About the Brothers McKenna

Tracing the origins of the 2012 phenomenon excellent essay tracing the roots of the 2012 phenomenon to the brothers McKenna.
Erik Davis write about the loss of Terrence McKenna’s library
My essay comparing what’s now called “teknival” to Terrance’s idea of the “archaic revival.”
Rotten’s profile of Terrance
Long Erik Davis piece on Terrance for Wired on the occasion of Terrance’s death


Manual of Evasion Portuguese film with Robert Anton Wilson, Terrence McKenna, and Rudy Rucker
Terrence McKenna quotes on Twitter
Disinfo’s dossier on Terrance

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