The Fantastic Realism of Kris Kuksi

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Seismic Symphony

Due to his failing sight, Western Washington geology professor David Engebretson is teaching a class he developed pioneering the study of earth science in a unique manner – using sound. He has also created audio that is analogous to the history of Earth’s magnetic field reversals. Take a listen to the short clip NPR. He talks through it, but makes insightful points about what musical patterns he can hear, and what that may mean in terms of our geological history.


Two things to write for

A very interesting event is shaping up in Rome, Italy:

The Conference ‘Music and esotericism’ seeks to bring together those working on the esoteric sciences – notably magic, astrology, alchemy, demonology, divination and cabale – in their relationship to music.

The Conference is an interdisciplinary event, aimed at breaking down the barriers between history, the history of art, of music, of science and of ideas. It is meant to be a multidisciplinary dialogue on musical practice, as studied in the light of specific historical and scientific contexts, in order both to deepen and to share our knowledge of the cultural background of the musical world in terms of science and belief.

Each lecture will focus on either the use of music within cultural and occult scientific traditions, or on the presence of these traditions in music. The multiple approaches will take into account all esoteric sciences and disciplines.

If you would like to attend or participate by presenting your own paper on the subject, more information can be found here.

Also, OVO is ramping up for its 18th installment:

OVO 18 Money

Please submit words (no more art) on the theme of ‘money,’ broadly

ownership / jobs / theft / economics / capitalism / libertarianism /
socialism / gambling / doing without / consumer culture / do-it-yourself
/ black market / free market / alternative currencies / free / barter /
strikes / banks / gold / class / blackmail / sex work / wealth /
mercenaries / poverty / lotteries / open source / intellectual property
/ stocks / wages / counterfeit / sabotage / etc.

Details here.

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