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  1. i’ve never done this before, and i promise i didn’t exactly mean for it to happen.


    about halfway in, just before the shots of crystal formations, when the noisey drone has taken over the tinkles, there’s that kickass little microbian mutant lobster guy just freaking the fuck out. i think he’s my favorite.

    no, no, it’s the stoned little boy who’s just trip-balls bewildered by all that inter-dimensional parallel he’s witnessing. i decided he’s the main character. the last of this breed of folks with eyes to see this stuff going on all at once, and not trying to influence any of it, just kicking back and getting a buzz off of it. he’s not trying to intervene and save the day for his kind.

    he even can see the soul-less white science people clinically examining his universe happening in a droplet of water.

    he just laughs, and playfully tinkers with his own hammering. i like him a lot.

    meanwhile there’s the wise old grand-dad, secretly another of these types, who looks a bit concerned, or confused, but also does nothing to stop this situation from happening. there is simply the rhythm of the hammers and the glowing cookie and the fractals and tiny swimming gold flecks and shit, and there’s not a goddamn thing he can do about it.

    it’s out of his hands too. no biggie.

    silly brujeros, go ahead and forge your flaming discs, get the whole community involved even, ain’t gonna change a damn thing. they oughta relax and kick back on the porch, like he does, but there’s no telling them that.

    uhh, yeah. heh.

    didn’t mean for any of this narrative to happen at all, just spliced what i thought went good with the music, then something else happened. ahh hell shit piss fuck. also, i need to use better software.

    praise (or damn) archive.org and whatnot for foisting yet another interest into my brain.

    and thanks for viewing!


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