Estimate: There are 50 Alien Civilizations in Our Galaxy That We Could Communicate With

In the 1960’s, U.S. astronomer Frank Drake started the first real search for alien radio signals being beamed across the Universe. Off the back of this work, he came up with an equation that is at best, an educated stab at the number of civilizations in our Galaxy with which we might actually be able to communicate right now. […]

So this is the exciting bit, plug those numbers all in to the equation and you come up with… (drum roll please) …50!

Is that really it?

The number of contactable civilizations in our Galaxy, right now, that we might communicate with, is just 50… fifty? It’s estimated that there is around 400 billion stars in our Galaxy and, according to my numbers (which, by their nature are educated guesses), there are just 50 alien civilizations that we could communicate with.

Discovery: How Many Intelligent Aliens Are Out There?


  1. From Heavy Metal 70s/80s “So Beautiful and so Dangerous”…

    Professor concluding a pessimistic Carl Sagan/Nuclear War era presentation of the “Drake Equation”.

    ….”Our Own…”

    Large Alien spaceship appears, and has been listening to the broadcast.

    “Ah, but if civilizations survive and learn to make peace with themselves their lives may grow very long in the cosmic scale.”

    The prof is ditched by the reporters who rush like made to the roof. The professor screams in protest;

    “This can’t be! You’re defying the formula!”

    “Not so!” the alien replies, “By your own calculations if even ONE percent of species survive that makes…let’s see…”

    …”One MILLION extant technological civilizations in this galaxy alone!”

    The alien continues: “It really depends, on whether you are a pessimist or an optimist.”

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