Multifunctional Clothes for Modern Mystics

multifunctional clothes for modern mystics Beta Unit 2

Need the perfect outerwear for reading Arthur Magazine* at your favorite occultnik bar? Look no further:

Southern California’s Beta Unit introduces streetwear to an apocalyptic aesthetic that’s usually reserved for the runway. In the upcoming fall collection, knits with mystical-looking geometric patterns bring crop formations to mind and functional details fit for nomads, like a hood that converts into a scarf, feature prominently. “Like many of our other projects, we were driven by simply wanting to see an idea we had in our minds become reality,” explains Beta Unit’s Tim Sheehy.

Cool Hunting: A Southern California streetwear label’s multifunctional clothes for modern mystics

(Thanks Josh!)

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*I guess either back issues or on your mobile information device


  1. Love the green hooded top.

    Shame people/media would go into hysterics if they became popular though, what with the face-hiding and all. I remember people going off over hoodies and baseball caps being worn together…

    Er yeah. Awesome tops.

  2. What? You mean my plain ol’ denim, athletic shoes and cheeky ThinkGeek shirts are not the preferred wear of Mystics everywhere?


    I have a feeling, judging from the appearance of the designs, that these good folks have never met an actual Mystic or Magus. 🙂

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