Arizona school white washing children’s faces to appease bigots

A Prescott, AZ school is demanding that a mural depicting its black and Latino students be modified to depict only white children – by having the black and Latino children’s faces painted over. The decision was apparently motivated after a rash of people drove by yelling racial slurs at children, spurred on by a local city council man and morning radio host Steve Blair.

Remember where you were, when you could still laugh about teabaggers and racists and Arizonans, because funny time is almost over. If the unemployment keeps up — one in five adult white males has no job and will never have a job again — and people keep walking away from their stucco heaps they can’t afford and the states and cities and counties and towns keep passing their aggressive racist laws to rile up the trash even more, shit’s going to very soon become very bad, and whether it’s the National Guard having wars in the Sunbelt Exurbs against armies of crazy old white people who are finally using their hundreds of millions of guns, or whole Latino neighborhoods burned to the ground the way the Klan used to burn down black neighborhoods a century ago, we are in for a long dark night and no light-colored paint is going to fix that.

Wonkette: Arizona School Demands Black & Latino Students’ Faces On Mural Be Changed To White

(Thanks Josh)

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