R.U. Sirius: The Best-Case Scenario For Posthumanity, And Who Is Making It Happen

R.U. fuckin' Sirius

Annalee has asked me to comment on what is the best-case scenario for posthumanity and what groups are working on putting that scenario in motion. This is the sort of question that invites utopian musings. I’ve become somewhat shy of utopian projections, which is maybe why I tend to interview other people and let them take the fall… but what the hell, I’ll give it a shot.

The fun, of course, would be in visions of tall, thin, beautiful blue skinned beings that are superbright rather than corny (maybe winged, too. Winged would be nice), a third arm for carrying groceries, skinny little fingers for ever-tinier portable devices, and everybody engineered at the germ line to be crazy sex freaks.

But being of nobler stuff, I’ll give you what I think is the best down to earth scenario for near-term enhanced humanity, and then I’ll also mention a few further out vision – some of which I’m fond of.

io9: The Best-Case Scenario For Posthumanity, And Who Is Making It Happen

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(Thanks Cole Tucker)

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  1. Phil Rizzutto

    May 12, 2010 at 1:21 am

    KEN ! Ken ! I’m still In Hollywood, KEN ! HELP ME ! Nice teeth KEN !

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