Technoccult’s 10 Year Anniversary

It’s been ten years since I posted the first article to this site from the family computer at my parents house in Sheridan, WY. I was a senior in high school, the “Y2K” scare was already forgotten, and the dot-com bubble had yet to burst. I guess, for me, that’s where the 00s really started – with this site. It started out more like what Disinfo was like back then – with “dossiers” on various subjects. (Here’s what Disinfo looked like back then).

Since then I’ve gone a lot of places and experienced much. Evergreen State College, Burning Man, art squats in Berlin, Christiania, EsoZone… marriage. Just to mention a few things.

At year 7, I’d been doing Technoccult for longer than I was in high school and college combined. But a decade. Yikes. That’s really something. I even tried to quit last year, but, well, that didn’t work out. So you’re stuck with me, dear readers, and I thank you for sticking around.

As to what’s next… who knows. One thing I’ve learned in the past 10 years is that I can’t predict where my life is going. But I’m pretty sure I’ll be releasing my first full length album Return to the Wasteland next month. So for the Technoccult “birthday weekend” I’m putting up the first track as a free download on SoundCloud. Enjoy, and thanks for reading.

klintron 2010


  1. i love the track klint!

  2. Thanks Phiz!

  3. Your site is still one of my favorites. That track is freak’n awesome cant wait till the album comes out. Thanks for keeping this blog going

  4. Fact: Technoccult is all that keeps the Mothman distracted from spiriting Klint away.

  5. Your active mind has done well.

  6. visit it every fucking day since before we met

  7. Have you ever before regarded posting with regards to something other on this particular blog?

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