More mutant history: The Argonaut Folly and more

I’ve been updating my timeline of mutants in popular culture, and have just discovered a wealth of information thanks to the independent scholarship of Josh Glenn, who is particularly focused on pre-Golden Age science fiction.
Of particular interest:
The Argonaut Folly. “It’s a fantasy about not just working, but living in close company with one’s most talented peers. Nietzsche wanted to do so; so did D.H. Lawrence and Andre Breton. I call it the Argonaut Folly because the Argonauts were the original band of talented individuals who together were able to accomplish great things, but whose very superiority (in my reading) rendered them misfits and losers among ordinary mortals.”
Superman, Homo Superior, Accelerated Evolution – Glenn’s history of mutants. Lots of material I’ve missed.

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