Brooke Greenberg looks like a toddler, but she is actually sixteen years old. She is only 30 inches high. Now scientists are studying her genome to figure out whether she possesses a mutation that prevents her body from aging.

Greenberg also possesses the mental capacity of an infant, and has never learned to speak or eat on her own.

She has also suffered from several strange maladies, including burst ulcers, a stroke and a brain tumor, which healed after Greenberg appeared on the verge of death.

It’s unclear whether her capacity to heal is related to her agelessness, but researchers hope to find out.

I09: Infant-Sized Teenager May Provide Key to Reversing the Aging Process

Thanks to Bill Whitcomb, who notes: ” Poor kid. Apart from having spent 16 years as toddler, she’ll NEVER get away from the doctors. She’s too interesting.”