• 10 Vegetables that Could Improve Your Sex Life by Jeanne Turner
  • Critical life lessons learned from my four years as a hooker by James Keller
  • Derailing the Train: How to stop Ignite Portland in its tracks by Reid Beels and Amye Scarvada
  • DIY Healthcare in Portland by Sandra Clark
  • Everyone needs a little space by Noel Franus
  • How to build and program a multitouch display by Todd Greco
  • It’s the End of the World As We Know It, and It’s About %#$@& Time! by Uriah Zebadiah
  • Massage 2.0: Myofascia-The Real Interweb by Megan Bradley
  • My Updated and Revised Commencement Speech to the Graduating Class of 1989 by Andrew Berkowitz
  • Sauna Etiquette: Proper Decorum Amongst Naked, Sweaty Strangers by Miki Tokola
  • Seven lessons learned while trying to reinvent television news by Aaron Weiss
  • The death of authority: a kind of elegy by Eva Miller
  • The History of Magic and Technology by Seth Raphael
  • The Scandalous Lies I’ve Told My Children by Michael Buffington
  • The Webcomic Age or, A Young Geek’s Illustrated Primer by Ben Bleything
  • Tips on How to Be a Gentleman From a Guy Wearing Jeans and a Tee Shirt by Chris Alan
  • You can stop S#$%#y Little Dog Syndrome by Bridget Pilloud
  • Ignite Portland 6 Lineup (Includes more info about specific talks and speakers)

    You’ll note that frequent Renegade Futurist commenter (and round-table participant) Uriah Zebadiah is giving the talk “It’s the End of the World As We Know It, and It’s About %#$@& Time!”:

    Yes, the world is coming to an end. You know it, I know it, we all know it. But rather than get down in the dumps about it, here’s five fast-paced minutes of good reasons we should all be happy about it. We’ll cover why the world sucks, why the people running the world suck, what you can reasonably expect to come out of all this, why the future will kick ass, and above all, what you can do to live fat, free and happy throughout the transition.

    More info: “It’s the End of the World As We Know It, and It’s About %#$@& Time!”