Announcing Esozone Portland 2009

Esozone Portland 2009 will be an FREE unconference October 9-10. And for those who haven’t heard, I’m back in the saddle as organizer.

Esozone Portland 2009
The New Esozone

The Esozone virus is resilient. It mutates and evolves. Faced with a rapidly changing environment, Esozone has rewritten its own code.

No more admission fees, no more weekend passes, no more divide between speaker and spoken-to. The new Esozone is an unconference, an open environment with an agenda determined by its own participants.

Esozone Portland 2009 will be held on Friday night, October 9, and all day Saturday, October 10. It will bring together renegade philosophers, experimental magicians, visionary artists, outsider academics, street entrepreneurs, mad scientists, sexy satanists, conspiracy theorists, benevolent pranksters, fearless psychonauts and other shameless mutants for two days of discussions, demonstrations and interaction from participants who are the main actors of the event.

Come for free, but be ready to share. Bring what you do and what you know. Bring who you are. This year, Esozone is all about you.

Coming soon: a FAQ, forums, and announcements about after parties and other events that weekend.

Announcing the new Esozone


  1. good job man.

  2. hey klint! i wanna table this year and check it out! how’s life?

    got a catalog now, shoot me a line and I’ll send you one. what sites are you currently running? this one looks tight.

  3. Bill Whitcomb

    May 18, 2009 at 2:39 pm

    Good job indeed.

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