This article’s a couple years old but it was interesting to see coverage of the PMBA from the business press.

At least one academic says the scrutiny of traditional B-school programs is warranted. Henry Mintzberg, a management professor at McGill University, says that much of what students learn at a top B-school could just as easily be gained through reading. “The MBA is flawed in the sense that it’s business education pretending to be management education,” says Mintzberg, author of Managers, Not MBAs (Berrett Koehler, 2004). “You’re gonna get a heck of a lot more management [education] from reading this stuff than in an MBA program.” The best way to learn management, he argues, is to manage and then examine and learn from the experience.

Full Story: Business Week

I’ve just started in the the Personal MBA myself, and will be participating in the community there as well as posting some thoughts here.

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