Hey gang–

I am done with self-publishing Arthur, which I’ve been doing since July, 2007. It’s too much work for one person to edit, publish and manage a national magazine, month after month, year after year.

If/when a publishing partner appears, and so on, Arthur will return to print.

That could be in three days, three months or three years.

Or never, given how the internet plus leveraged capital has hollowed out almost all existing analog mass media in favor of stuff that, in almost all cases, is qualitatively worse for almost everybody.

Anyway, we’re gonna hibernate the mag for the time being, and focus on the stuff that doesn’t have as much financial risk or management burden. Thanks to the work of a lot of Arthur folks, the arthurmag internet presence will upgrade and expand greatly in the coming days. Also, two new cds and a dvd are being prepared, the book(s) are on the way, and so on.

We’re staying busy, staying focused on what we can handle, and pushing homegrown counter-culture forward. We hope you can, too.

And if you need more Arthur mags right now…well, there’s 31 back issues available in the store.

All love and R.I.P. Ron Asheton,

Jay Babcock
editor/publisher, Arthur Magazine

Too bad, but I’m glad to hear that their Internet presence is expanding. I rarely spend any time reading print magazines anymore, so as long as they’re still pumping stuff out online I’ll be happy.

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