Esozone 2009 update from Nolon Ashley

Esozone stage manager Nolon Ashley writes:

for the time being, i’m only going to say that’s going to have to remain a mystery until we flesh it out more. but at this point, we have a team of 3 individuals committed and clear about the context of the means of operating, ready to go forward.

yes, we are insisting it will be as large as the previous years (the definition for ‘large’ remains flexible). in other words, we’re not going to slap together a half-assed scaled back version of the previous attempts and call it the same thing.

that is all i’m going to say for now, except that if you have an interesting idea for a presentation, activity, or performance, we’d sure like to hear about it.

/me contemplates the need to build a second computer so that his girlfriend can still get her work done. probably a phone and a car needed, too. damn.

lots of work to do, delicious!

stay tuned!


  1. We wrote that as a Friends-Only post. Of course you and I have access to it, but I’m not sure linking to it helps people. 😛

  2. Didn’t notice that it was friends only… Nolon has asked me to leave this post as is though.

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