Re: Dawn Johnsen:

There are several striking pieces of evidence that suggest this appointment may be Obama’s best yet, perhaps by far. Consider, first, this rather emphatic Slate article authored by Johnsen in the wake of the disclosure, last April, of the 81-page John Yoo Memo which declared that the President’s power to torture detainees is virtually limitless. Her article is notable at least as much for its tone as for its substance

Re: Leon Panetta:

Supporting Bush’s illegal NSA program — as Harman did, repeatedly and explicitly — should be disqualifying for the position of CIA Director. Panetta may have many flaws — who doesn’t after years and years in Washington? — but Obama’s apparent determination to avoid anyone “tainted” by the CIA’s last eight years is commendable. Like the Johnsen appointment, it doesn’t, standing alone, prove anything — only actions will do that — but it’s still a positive step.

Full Story: Glenn Greenwald

(via The Agitator)