Klintron speaking at CyborgCamp next month


At CyborgCamp next month I will lead a discussion called “Left Behind: the Singularity and the Developing World”:

How do technological breakthroughs impact the world’s poor? Can we apply transhumanist technology universally, or will they be accessible only to the rich? What can we learn from the bottom-up innovation of the developing world? Klint Finley will present a brief introduction to these issues and moderate an open discussion.

More info: CyborgCamp blog and CyborgCamp wiki


  1. Woah! You’re going to be speaking there? Awesome! I know the people putting it together – I’m going to have to come now to see the speech.

  2. Is there a possibility of getting some audio from this for those of us stuck in the Nether Regions?

  3. @Fenderson – You should come regardless =) And maybe give a speech yourself – it’s an “unconference,” I just signed up to talk about something that was conspicuously absent from the agenda. It won’t really be a speech – I’m just going introduce a set of problems and ideas and see what happens.

    @T.V – I’m sure it will be furiously liveblogged, but I don’t know about audio. I do plan on at least putting up my slides at the end, but it will be minimal – it’s meant to be a conversation not a lecture.

  4. AWESOME TOPIC! I’ll gather up some relevant intel and pass that along…great damn logo, too.

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