Max Hardcore goes to jail, real torturers stay free

Because I’ve been busy with Esozone stuff, I haven’t posted about something with potentially far reaching consequences: Max Hardcore has been sentenced to prison for distributing “obscene” material.

Because the films which Little produced included scenes involving sadomasochism, the Bush DOJ alleged, and the federal court found, that the films were not merely pornographic, but also “obscene,” and thus illegal (Little’s lawyers argued, unsuccessfully, they were intended primarily for distribution in Europe, where such films are legal). Ironically, Little’s defense to the obscenity charges was quite similar to the defense which the Bush DOJ itself, years earlier, had embraced in order to claim that Bush officials were not engaged in “torture” when subjecting helpless detainees to gruesome treatment: namely, because the acts in question didn’t involve the infliction of severe pain, they weren’t illegal.

There was no suggestion that any serious violence was ever inflicted or that the adult actors in the film were anything other than completely consensual. But the court found that the depiction of severe pain was not required for conviction; instead, mere humiliation and degrading treatment was sufficient to render the films criminal and to warrant a long prison sentence. As the judge put it: “This is clearly degrading, clearly humiliating and intended to be so.” So, having already bankrupted Little with the DOJ’s prosecution, it’s now off to federal prison — for the next 4 years of his life.

But for our highest government officials, including the ones responsible for this prosecution, we have a different story altogether. In 2002, the Bush DOJ radically re-defined “torture” and illegal treatment of detainees to exclude anything that falls short of “the pain accompanying serious physical injury, such as organ failure, impairment of bodily function, or even death.” The DOJ’s John Yoo even decreed that the President could legally order “‘scalding water, corrosive acid or caustic substance’ thrown on a prisoner” and possibly even “slitting an ear, nose or lip, or disabling a tongue or limb.”

Full Story: Salon

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  1. Somehow some people seems to think that pornographic depictions of slightly violent and degrading material is worse than cutting the ears of a potential terrorist in the name of freedom and safety.
    The world can indeed be a scary place sometimes.

  2. Klintron, you beat me to it… Someone sent me a link to that story the other day, along with this one:

  3. Actually, I’ll go on record saying that both CIA rendition and Max Hardcore are scum. I have serious beef with Max Hardcore that’s based on his actual material — dunno if y’all have seen it? Pretty f’ing hard to defend, but the man does have a poetic sense of English:

    ?It?s pretty easy to get a slut to spread solo for the camera, and quite a different matter to get her to take it up the ass and puke up piss.?

  4. Of course, I am offended by the Department of Justice usurping my authority and prosecuting Max Hardcore. I would prefer to deal with the man myself, and written laws are a cancer in any culture.

  5. Justin… Your an idiot. Just because you don’t like what he does its ok to say that he is scum.


  6. Don’t worry about Max. He’ll be getting plenty of anal sex in prison.

  7. Wow, you’re a real tough guy, Justin. What part of ‘don’t watch his stuff’ do you not fucking understand? Every pornwhore and agent in the valley knows EXACTLY what Max is about and lots of them choose not to work with him. Then again lots of them do. It’s up to them , not you , captain righteous….

  8. we fink max is great! we love his work free madmax

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