Technoccult TV: Cult of Zir interview

Nolon Ashley, aka Cult of Zir, talks about his music, Portland, the OTO, and the Voudon Gnostic Workbook.


  1. Having no previous conceptualization of who or what a “Zir” even was, this was the slightly coherent response to the entire interview, which struck deeptech chords within me, being quasi first gen cyberpunk and all… apologies in advance for the expletives, but they’re just contextual so fuck it.

    “woah. holy fuck dood. like, woah. the dood thats sitting on that lil cushion thing being interviewed on the site is on some next-tip.

    Um. My own personal Jedi hyperspacetech accquistion protocols have been re-set to include this Zir dood. Need a midichlorian mindmelt with this cat fo shizznat. I think Zir might be astrally related to Frank Zappa in the nowpastfuturethen. Autodidacticism, I believe, screams natural Jedi infusion.

    Ultimate tech wrd.”

    This dood needs to come to Vancouver like, yesterday.

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