Web delivers new worry for parents: Digital drugs

Parents, more reason to be afraid:

Websites are targeting your children with so-called digital drugs. These are audio files designed to induce drug-like effects.

All your child needs is a music player and headphones. […]

There are different slang terms for digital drugs. They’re often called “idozers” or “idosers.” All rely on the concept of binaural beats. […]

Other sites offer therapeutic binaural beats. They help you relax or meditate. Some allegedly help you overcome addiction or anxiety. Others purport to help you lose weight or eliminate gray hair.

However, most sites are more sinister. They sell audio files (“doses”) that supposedly mimic the effects of alcohol and marijuana.

But it doesn’t end there. You’ll find doses that purportedly mimic the effects of LSD, crack, heroin and other hard drugs. There are also doses of a sexual nature. I even found ones that supposedly simulate heaven and hell.

Full Story: USA Today

(Thanks Telarus!)

I can’t wait til this hits Fox News


  1. These digital drugs, or idoses, are not only perfect simulations of real drugs, but they work even better because of proven vibrational science.

    As is commonly known by all scientists, every illegal drug does the same thing, and that thing is cause you to feel like you just wasted thirty minutes giving yourself a mild headache. It is no wonder there are so many kids that want to use them.

    The only plus side is that your kids do not need to ever spend another dollar supporting terrorists and anarchy to “experiment.”

  2. I feel the powerful need to start educational websites to stoke the hysteria. Am I sick?

  3. there is No such thing as brainwave entertainment to simulate drugs perfectly it simulates certain states awake, drowsy, relaxed the body natural states that when we get for example when you lay down the bodys brain changes to a relaxed state but theres certain frequincies that release endorphins and help stress really they are more helpful than harmful

  4. I just found a set of ‘idosers’ in three huge torrents on PirateBay recently. They didn’t look all that different from other ‘brainwave entrainment’ audio files, except for the descriptions of the effects compared to the drugs they’re supposed to simulate.

    Kinda creepy, but now I’m actually curious to try some of them. Surely audio heroin can’t be as addictive, right? :-}

  5. All of the “drug” files need to be called “bananapeels.drg” to give users a better idea of what to expect from them.

    Also, fun fact: iDoser is actually a ripoff of an open source program called SBaGen. Some nice person ripped all the iDoser .drg files he could find to SBaGen .sbg, bundled them up, and spread them around.

  6. This cannot be serious. Has anyone tried them? If so.. someone needs to do a story on these for Key64.net or something..

  7. Of course, if you play them backwards, there’s an embedded secret non-Satanic message advocating sobriety.

  8. I saw somone mention isochronic tones the other day, do you know what this is or where I could learn about it?

  9. Could you please explain the difference between binaural beats and brainwave entrainment?

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