July Moon

After discovering the complexity of the different layouts for various situations within the Kolduny Tarot, and finding difficultly in explaining them in a few brief blog posts, Natalia Tikimirov has agreed to walk us through monthly New and Full Moon Tarot readings. These methods were handed down to her from her mother, and her mother before that.

‘The date of the New Moon is July 2 or 7/2. Draw the 7th card of the major arcana which is the Chariot and the 2nd card of the major arcana which is The High Priestess. Lay them down. Add 2 plus 7 and pull the ninth card of the major arcana which is The Hermit.

As the Moon waxes it will be governed by The Chariot, a card of drive and ambition, plowing on to reach its goals. Many decks display The Chariot being raced forward by a warrior. The early Visconti Decks however are unique in displaying a woman wearing a crown operating the chariot at a slower pace. This is to remind us that many times the fastest chariot crashes and never finishes. It is important to operate the chariot skillfully, knowing when to slow down for curves, and knowing how to avoid rough spots in the terrain. As the Moon waxes, remember the skill required to operate and maneuver the chariot.

As the Moon wanes it will be governed by The High Priestess card. Through the centuries this card has been overloaded with meanings that it did not originally have. Occultists of the 18th and 19th centuries began to attribute many meanings, many of which are thought provoking and worthy of consideration. However, if we return to the early Visconti deck we see the original meaning implied by the culture that produced this particular deck, and that meaning is quiet faith. The image presented in this deck is that of a woman sitting upon a stool of humble origins. She wears a Papal tiara on her head and a gown belonging to the Order of the Humiliati founded in 1134, the tiara and the gown tied with a simple rope shows the contrast between the pomp of religious hierarchy and simple faith of the single soul. Many lay claim that this card is a display of Giovanna who had claim and should have risen to the Papal throne in 854. And while that is just a theory, this card tells us that as the Moon wanes, we need to be willing and brave enough to acknowledge the simple faith that resides in all of us.

The soul of this Moon will be governed by The Hermit, who in the early decks held an hourglass as opposed to a lantern. Reflecting more upon time then illumination. This is a Moon to be skillful, faithful, and very much self reflective. Take the time to examine yourself closely, and don’t let this Moon pass away leaving you a stranger to yourself.

The time of this new moon along the East Coast is very interesting it will happen at 14:32. If you add these numbers together it adds to 10 just as you add this year 2008 together it adds to 10. This tells us this moon will be a very important moon for those living in the East Coast time zone.

The Full Moon this month also is very interesting. It falls on 7/18. Add 7 plus 1 plus 8 and you get 16, The Tower. Along the East Coast the Moon will go full at 2:59. Add 2 plus 5 plus 9 and again you get 16. This will be a powerful Full Moon ruled intensely by The Tower card, which is a warning for sure to be both a skillful operator as well as a faithful child. When troubled this month don’t hesitate to withdraw and slow down for some self reflection, remember The Hermit is the soul of this Moon.

If you examine the time of this new moon 14:32, you will see a pattern. The 1 jumps at us, then we see a very organized 4 3 2 taking us back to the 1. We will see a surprise this month, perhaps even a shock, but when we consider it all carefully like The Hermit, we will be forced to ask ourselves “why did that surprise me”? This time adds to 10. The year 2008 adds to 10. The tenth card of the major arcana is The Wheel, which really isn’t a tool for assistance but rather an awareness that things happen outside of our control.

(For your time zone just find the exact time of the Moon for your particular area and follow the instructions above.)

Here is a neat old Kolduny thing I will share with you. It is a good tool for considering the day.

Take the month and day you were born, and add them together. For example, if you were born on May 27th, add 5 (May) and 2 and 7: 5+2+7=14. That is the Temperance card. This number related to the Tarot, explains your needed tool for every venture you enter into. Now add the current date which is July 3, 7+3=10, which is the Wheel of Fortune card. This tells you what to expect for the day.

Now add the two together by single digits 14, and 10, 1+4+1+0=6. This would be The Lovers card. This would be your daily card; adding the day of your birth, the date of the day, in singular numbers, and reducing the numbers if over 21.

The final card is your daily card. The other two cards combined with your daily card create your daily spread. If you want to know what is happening in aspects of your life, reduce the number to less than 10, and pull the minor arcana cards for that number.

Cups: represents love, interpersonal relationships, and family.

Wands: represents intellect and creativity.

Pentacles: represents earthly considerations, work, money and survival.

Swords: represents lusts, desires and conflicts.

Give it a try. It might surprise you.’
Natalia Vladimirova Tikimirov

(See also: “An Interview with The Koldun: Natalia and Anton Tikimirov”, parts one, two and three)


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