No Time for the Singularity

let’s assume that this mythology is true and, within about 25 years, computers will exceed human intelligence and rapidly bootstrap themselves to godlike status. At that point, they will aid us (or run roughshod over us [see the debate of geoengineering here – Ed]) to transform the Earth into a paradise .

Here’s the problem: 25 years is too late. […] If there’s to be a miraculous transformation of human civilization, it has to be accomplished by us, right now, before we develop our miraculous nanobots, genetically engineered carbon-sucking trees, or polywell fusion reactors. (That said, technology is a large part of the answer-and game-changing breakthroughs are possible-but until proven otherwise we have to assume we’ll be using currently possible solutions such as wind power, agrichar and a global coal moratorium.)

We have the social stability, the resources and the technology now; all we need is the will. We will still need all three of these things 25 years from now, and we’re likely to be seriously wanting in at least two of them if things continue as they are.

The technological singularity may be real, but who cares? By the time it happens, we’ll have won or lost our grand battle with fate.

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  1. Am I nuts or is this “Singularity” just a vanishing horizon? It’ll just keep evading us the more advanced our technology becomes…and yet we STILL HAVE TO WAKE UP EVERY MORNING and EVEN FLOSS.

    I’m always wondering who among us is going to be able to handle tech this powerful. I have friends who hurt themselves with PSPs and Gameboys.

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