Shannon Larratt Leaves BME

Sad news: Shannon Larratt will no longer be working for BME, or writing about body modification online at all, after a lengthy dispute with his ex-wife and BME co-founder co-owner:

After a personally difficult legal dispute over BME, I’ve had to face the potentially insurmountable reality of being massively in debt, and I have chosen to transfer the business to Rachel (the details of this deal are sealed, so please don’t ask). Within the month my role at BME will come to an end, and new staff (made up largely of people who’ve been working on BME for some time as well) will be taking over. I will no longer be writing online about body modification, although I will be maintaining my regular blog and other projects of course, as well as working on several body modification book projects which I am eager to complete.

Full Story: Mod Blog

Larratt’s own site


  1. Rachel was only fourteen years old when Shannon founded BME — she didn’t meet him until the site was already very large and well established. She’s not a co-founder…

  2. That sucks. I was on BME’s IAM site for years and had many interesting interactions with the man himself. He opened my eyes to a LOT of hard truths.

    On the upside, does this mean that I can call things “gay” on BME now?

  3. Thanks Commentor, article corrected.

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