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Pale Rider writes:

t’s believed that more than 3,000 cults exist in America today. But as recent news events of a polygamist sect in Texas have reminded us, we seldom get to see what exactly goes on inside – from the benign to the abusive. Who joins cults or renegade sects? What drives their beliefs? How is sex used to ensure devotion to cult leaders? And is it all just a pretext for more earthly desires?

Strong City: End of the World Cult on Google Video

on National Geographic (Showing again on Wed.)

Strong City- Finished Work and Experiencing the Finished Work

Wikipedia: Strong City cult

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  1. “How is sex used to ensure devotion to cult leaders?”

    I’m obviously not joining the right cults.

  2. You need to fix the “Finished Work” link.
    See the original Greylodge post for update.

  3. Thanks, fixed now.

  4. end of dayatives.

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