The artist as parent, the art of Kevin Kresse

Congratulations to Honky Tonk Dragon, who’s gonna be a daddy! He shares some thoughts and feelings presents some artistic examples to illustrate:

Though we are socially conditioned to see artists as hedonistic libertines, the connection between creativity and reproduction makes a certain sense to me. But as I try to wrack my brains for examples which illustrate this connection, the only one I can come up with is one of my artistic heroes, Kevin Kresse.

Kevin and his partner Bridget, had just quit their real jobs in order to focus on developing his artistic career, when they learned they were expecting twins. From this combination of circumstances Kevin began a series of paintings which exemplify many of the feelings I am facing.

Full Story and several images: Honky Tonk Dragon

See also my friend Sky’s blog/zine on alternative fatherhood: Pirate Papa

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  1. Thanks for the link, Klintron.
    Kevin does some amazing work, I was fortunate enough to see most of these pieces in person, and they all have a subtlety and power of technique which photos don’t fully capture. Thanks for helping spread the word on his stuff.

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