I’ve read a couple of biographies of Jack Parsons, and I find the the idea of Parsons contacting an alien entity through the Babalon Working fascinating. IMO, he was trying to create a “Magickal Child”. An extension of oneself; a “being” that contain aspects that surpass most of those currently known to (wo)men that roam the earth at the present time. Although the idea that this “being” could be an “extraterrestrial” intrigues me, it also makes me question it that much more. (And yes, I’m familiar with Kenneth Grant and the ideas of the Typhonian OTO). Personally, I’ve always considered Aiwass (Crowley’s channeled “being”) to be an extension of Crowley’s Self and look at the “Book of The Law” as a prophecy. Take a look around you. Is not what’s written there visible and all around us right now? If you really think about it, the ideas in themselves can be interpreted in just about any way you want. Here’s an article looking at Parson’s and L.R. Hubbard’s workings in a different light:

“Well it is all fun and games for the Scientologists at the moment with the video controversy (apparently leading to hacking attacks on their site), the lurid claims of the Andrew Morton’s book and increasing hostility with the Germans. So I want to take a step back and look again at the odd links between them the occult, UFOs and the Navy, as The UFO Iconoclast(s) which makes a number of interesting statements:

  • Both Hubbard and Jack Parsons were interested in UFOs and that they “associated with Naval Intelligence in the late 1940s and early 1950s and both became advocates for flying saucer technology which was being studied diligently by the Navy.” This is certainly news to me and I’ll have to follow it up.
  • The Scientology HQ in Florida has a floor purely for the studies of flying saucers (they apparently receive secret Navy documents on this) and that there is a secret part of Scientology that deals with them (which is only available to a select few) – not that surprising considering the nature of their beliefs I suppose.
  • Dianetics has been used by the Navy as a training manual.
  • Parsons met a Venusian. Also Hubbard and Adamski swapped UFO stories in the fifties. This would be an interesting link. Adam Gorightly has pointed out some parallels between Parsons and Adamski (the latter’s encounter with a Venusian happened in the Me Desert where Hubbard and Parsons went at the end the Babalon Working, in 1952, the year of Parson’s death) but if confirmed these two both claimed to have met Venusians and they shared a close link through Hubbard.”

(via Cabinet Of Wonders)