1. The Dalai Lama actually says that this earthly incarnation is probably going to be his last, and that the people of Tibet need to retool how they go about having leadership in spirituality and government.

    It could be a ploy to try and make sure the Chinese don’t appoint their own Lama and put him in charge, but it also may seem the guy understands the world doesn’t really need someone who holds that kind of office, that it should be democratic.

    Personally I think the Dalai Lama is sort of a pretender because he himself says that he has no memory of his birth or any clue of prebirth states, while I know that I do. Does that mean I should have followers and a kingdom? I’m going to go with… yes.

  2. According to the articles I’ve read on the net, the Dali Lama says his successor could be a woman. But I’m busy working on the revolution, so I’ll have to pass ;>)


  3. Thanks for the info Danny, I didn’t know that. It is commendable to advocate a change in Tibetan government. It would be more commendable to step down as the Dalai Lama and admit that it was a scam all along.

  4. “Some reincarnations have not been true,” the Dalai Lama told the English-language daily, but he added that he was certain he was the incarnate of the fifth incumbent who held the post for 67 years after being named the Dalai Lama in 1617.


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