Envisioning the Google Gphone and the Myspace MyPhone

On IM this morning:

Klintron: the google phone will crush the iphone
Klintron: and it will be free
Klintron: but it will record all of your conversations
Dr. Gabbo: and target ads
Dr. Gabbo: into your ear
Klintron: yes
Klintron: it will play little ads while you’re talking based on what you talk about
Dr. Gabbo: that would be fucking funny
Klintron: like if i call you and we start talking about the basement, it will play an ad for that bar next door
Klintron: if you think that’s bad, just wait til the myspace phone
Klintron: that can only call other myspace phones
Klintron: everyone will have both a gphone AND a myphone
Dr. Gabbo: and two bluetooth headsets – one for each ear
Klintron: and everyone will bitch about how they have to carry around the big ugly myphone but they do it because everyone else does
Dr. Gabbo: haha
Klintron: and there’s people they can only call through it
Dr. Gabbo: it will constantly do the wrong thing too – calling a person you didn’t mean
Dr. Gabbo: or just giving you an error message right in your ear
Klintron: lol yes
Klintron: the reception will be awful

Myspace MyPhone

Above: The Myspace MyPhone


  1. Oh, and your MyPhone will be constantly ringing with telemarketers.

  2. It will have more skins than any phone on the market, but none of them will be attractive.

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