Political poll results

Ron Paul (36%)
No one/I don’t vote (20%)
Unsure (14%)
Barack Obama (12%)
Other Democrat (4%)
John Edwards (2%)
Mike Gravel (2%)
Other Republican (2%)
Third party candidate (2%)
Bill Richardson (1%)
82 total votes

Anarchist (19%)
Libertarian (11%)
Left-Libertarian (11%)
Other (9%)
Liberal/Progressive (8%)
Anarcho-Capitalist (8%)
Constitutionalist (5%)
Conservative (4%)
Anarcho-Primitivist (4%)
Socialist (3%)
Social Democrat/Democratic Socialist (3%)
Fascist (3%)
None (3%)
Anarcho-syndicalist (1%)
Communism (0%)
84 total votes

FWIW, I’m leaning towards Bill Richardson (even though I agree more with Mike Gravel) and my politics are probably closest to social democratic (but I don’t really fit neatly into that category).


  1. [No one/I don?t vote (20%)]

    These people should politely have their faces rubbed in the shit of the people who died to make it possible for them to vote and influence their government.

    (Preferably they won’t vote Rep or Dem)

    It amazes me that in 6 short years by not voting D or R our government could be totally different than it is now. But the sheeple won’t make it so.

    In the mean time, I vote third party (or against the incumbent if there isn’t a third party choice) and know that I have no responsibility for the slime who govern us.

  2. Though I vote, I completely understand why some people absolutely refuse to do it. I believe the best analogy would be that voting is giving you the choice as to whether your arm or your leg is cut off. If you don’t choose, someone else will choose for you. It’s basically mob rule, and the people with the most influence are the people with the most money. Here in Canada, people are talking about changing the voting process so that each individual vote is counted rather than each municipality, which is at least a step in the right direction.

    Saying someone should have their face rubbed in the shit of the people who died for their right to vote seems loaded. When it comes to fighting for people’s rights, in many cases people die so that the option would be there, so that a person can explore their own conscience and move with it, not the other way around. There are a good many people who choose not to vote, not out of laziness, but out of protest. I can see where some think it’s useless to try to improve a flawed system by engaging in it.

    If you have to use dead people to carry your argument, than the argument can’t carry itself.

  3. No one/I don?t vote (20%)

    Thank you. We, the ones in power, do not want the kinds of people who read this website to vote. We control your school boards, libraries, local, state and national governments. Keep meditating and banishing or whatever it is you do. We love you!

  4. Well, at least people are addressing the points I made…

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