The OpenEEG Project: EEG for the rest of us

open eeg

The OpenEEG project is about making plans and software for do-it-yourself EEG devices available for free (as in GPL). It is aimed toward amateurs who would like to experiment with EEG. However, if you are a pro in any of the fields of electronics, neurofeedback, software development etc., you are of course welcome to join the mailing-list and share your wisdom.

Open EEG site.

(via Synchronizm).


  1. soo… you can just order those little do-dads that stick on your head?

    man, I want to go back to school to write software, the things we could mash up between this, the brainwave generator, and the enochian software… Hmmmmm… 😛

  2. No, there’s quite a bit of assembly required… the project requires some skill in working with electronics, and something like $400 worth of supplies.

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