So, we look to the top of this pyramid and we come back to the same occultic orders. Britney, Christina, and Justin all came through thecastle gates of Walt Disney; a Freemason and FBI asset. It was WaltDisney that crafted the film ‘Sons of Liberty’ to conceal the Masonic involvement in the Boston Tea Party and train us in Masonic worship; much like all of Mel Gibson’s films. Braveheart is a concealed story of the creation of Freemasonry in Scotland and England by the Templars.

Freemason, O.T.O. Illuminist, Alan Moore has now taken his place as a meta-programmer. He casts a trauma-based mind control programmer as a hero and now people dress up as him at protests.

Phoenix Pictures, whose icon is a code for Lucifer, makes films about Nazi worship, child labor camps, and genetic modification of human. These are all top billing films starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sigourney Weaver. The Nazi film was written by Stephen King. We are being programmed and our programmers are occultists that worship Lucifer. Deal with it.

So, when we get to films on prophecies like Revelations we find that it is a matter of interpretation. People are being programmed to believe a certain phrase will play out in a certain fashion. The Left Behind series is a prime example.

Full Story: Waking the Midnight Sun.