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(Image swiped from Chris Noeth).

Been slacking on your holiday shopping? We’ve come up with a list of great gifts for the mutants in your family or social circle.


The God That Wasn’t There.

Psychopedia of Slack.

Paul Laffoley posters.

Lost Girls.

Fell the Don:

Titillation Lip and Nipple Balms, by Agent Provocateur

Seriously, if your gonna play it up this winter season, get your better half these little gems (bundled as one) from this popular European lingerie company. Use it wisely.

Viva Pi?ata, for the Xbox 360

I hate console games and the only game I like on the PC is Company of Heroes, but this gem has the perfect balance or addictiveness and appeal that anyone can enjoy. It’s like crack for kids and anyone that hates video games.

Spectacle, by David Rockwell & Bruce Mau

We’re all obsessing over Second Life and virtual communities, but it’s worth remembering the universal power of the town square, the arena, and the other very real places where we come together. The book to read about why we love to experience things together and publicly is David Rockwell and Bruce Mau’s Spectacle. It’s a coffee-table-size exposition of NASCAR, Burning Man, Hindu religious rites in the Ganges, and other glorious spectacles that people experience together.

Baraka, by Ron Fricke

Baraka is an incredible journey through 6 continents, 24 countries. It is a collection of high quality images, presented in a moving and compelling manner. Hopefully everyone you know has seen it, but, if not, smoke a joint and sit down to one of the most beautiful pieces of cinema ever made. It’s a nice reminder seeing as how Fricke’s next piece – the spiritual successor to Baraka – called Samsara, is set to be released in 2007.

The Griffin & Sabine Trilogy Boxed Set, by Nick Bantock

Few books are more romantic than this trilogy, nor more surreal. The legendarily popular trilogy of books containing the Griffin-Sabine correspondence literally contains the correspondence: postcards, front and back, and letters in envelopes pasted into the book, which the reader must open and read. Nick Bantock’s story was way ahead of the computer game Myst, with which it shares a moody allure. His artwork is gorgeous, and countless romances have been intensified by exposure to that of Griffin and Sabine.

Brenden Simpson:

Barry Sautner Tree of Life Sculpture Vessel Vase.

KJB Security Omni Spectral Correlator.

Val Saint Lambert Crystal Bateau Ivre – Caviar Bowl.

TrekStor i.Beat organix Gold MP3 Player (1 GB).

Grizzly Bear Coffee Table.

Technoccult graphic designer Danny Chaoflux:

The Cone.

Ball Chair.

Somatron Clinical Recliner.

Former guest editor Nick Pell:

Bargain priced Disinfo hardcovers (Check your local Barnes and Noble)

The Da Vinci Enigma tarot deck

Peep Show DVD.

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