CL: I did a road trip in March, I went to Trinity, where they did the first nuclear test in ?45. I rented a convertible and drove out there to Los Alamos and hung out at the test site. And there was this weird moment where – I think it’s exactly what you’re talking about – where I was driving through the valley where the Very Large Array is, you know, the large radio telescopes? And I had a Brian Eno album on my car stereo, and it was literally like I walked into this alternate reality.

CP: That is so weird, because I’ve been researching time slips, and time slips are so tied to car trips. They almost always occur as people are driving or just after people have parked and left their vehicles…and then they find themselves in the 15th century or something like that.

CL; Oh, right, like those two women at Versailles….

CP: Exactly! Electrical storms, or they had just left their car. Electrical storms, or cars. Whether it’s theta-level trances we slip into as we’re driving, which is a really common thing-

CL: Hypnogogic states, sure.

CP: Exactly. All of that. So, yeah, very much, that’s another road trip thing, that seems to happen.

CL: And also time slips – not in the sense you’re talking about – but the sense of just losing time. Especially at night, where you find yourself at your destination two hours before you think you’re supposed to be there, but you look down and realize you’ve been driving for two hours and you have no memory of that at all.

CP: In my research, I was finding that was tied into the brainwaves we lapse into during long drives, and that that’s a state that’s exactly what people try to achieve through drumming and chanting.

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