The Left Hand Path, by Doze Green

Jonathan LeVine Gallery is proud to announce the opening of The Left Hand Path, a solo exhibition of new works by celebrated artist Doze Green.

His exhibition of new paintings is inspired from roots in modern graffiti and based upon metaphysical and ethereal ideologies.

For The Left Hand Path, Doze Green translates complex metaphysical concepts through his paintings, such as the possible manipulation of energy and matter to create a timeless space.

He explores meditations on matter and anti-matter, layers of consciousness, and different possibilities based on cosmology.

continued via Dexigner

Jonathan LeVine Gallery | 529 West 20th Street | NYC


  1. When I was last in Portland I saw that in the window of a closed toy store. I almost broke the window and stole it I wanted that so bad.

  2. I’ve linked to the Ganesh toy before. Been meaning to link to Doze Green’s site since you sent me the link recently. Thanks for this.

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