Good news: Doomsday has been postponed

This is actually another oldie from archives:

THE end is not as nigh as we thought. Scientists have found a mistake in the standard account of the future fate of the solar system and now believe that the Earth will not be destroyed when the Sun runs out of fuel.

For decades, astronomy textbooks have insisted that the Earth will be engulfed in an inferno billions of years from now as the Sun burns up its nuclear fuel and swells to become a gigantic red star.


Calculations based on this standard theory suggested that it would balloon out and engulf the Earth about 7.5 billion years from now.

According to the team from Sussex University, however, these calculations missed out a crucial effect: the loss of mass by the ageing Sun as it expands and its gravity weakens.

Taking this effect into account, the team found that the Earth would manage to dodge a fiery fate, its orbit expanding away from the swelling Sun.

Full Story: The Telegraph.

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    August 21, 2006 at 5:32 pm


    Doomsday POSTPONED? or Doomsday Thwarted?

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