Earlier in the week I met Taylor and Lupa at their home in Seattle. They’re good people, and while I still haven’t had time to crack open their books, I recommend reading Lupa’s latest contribution to Key 23 which falls right in line with some of the stuff I’ve been muttering about here.

Taylor summarizes some of what we talked about: the rift between the occult and pagan communties.

There are two threads on LJ about sexism in the occult community as well. Here on Ceilede’s and on Psyche’s as well.

I agree with Taylor that focusing on the similarities between the pagan and occult communties is better than focusing on the differences. Other than that, I’m going to remain silent on the whole conversation, and think about what has been said. I’m disabling comments here as well.

Update: Here’s a Barbelith thread from a while back.